The Rise of Ethnic Nationalism, Intra-State Conflicts and Conflict Resolution

Muzaffer Ercan YILMAZ

This article aims to discuss the rise of ethnic nationalism and related intra-state conflicts in the post-Cold War era, also attempting to come up with some recommendations for the resolution of such conflicts. By looking through major ethnopolitical conflicts around the globe and trying to find out some main points in common, the study reaches the conclusion that these conflicts are, in general, associated with, but not limited to, restrictions of ethnic identity, legal, economic and cultural discrimination, anti-democratic regimes, unfavorable economic conditions, collapse of state authority, and international support. The study also reveals that ethnopolitical conflicts cannot be resolved through force only. Although a reasonable use of force may be functional in terms of stopping immediate violence and providing a cooling-off period for negotiations, multi-level efforts are said to be needed by domestic and international actors to be responsive to the underlying causes of intra-state conflicts discussed in detail.

Keywords: Ethnic Nationalism, Intra-State Conflicts, Ethnic Conflicts, Ethnic Conflict Resolution, Peace Building

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