Theoretical And Conceptual Issues On Democracy And Democratization In Nigeria

Zainul Abideen JIBRIL
Daifuru KABIRU

This paper seeks to address theoretical and conceptual issues on democracy and democratisation in Nigeria. It’s built on the premise upon which democracy and its ideal practice could be enthroned on the
Nigerian society, especially as said, the concept has become synonymous to bandwagon of modern culture. It posits that not only are democratic tenants adhered to, but cultured. Moreover, in the current democratic dispensation, Nigeria is in one way or the other experiencing un-democratic tendencies,
coupled with poor democratic culture. Contrasting Nigeria with embedded democratic model of the procedural democratic minimum on the one hand and competitive authoritarianism of the hybrid regime typologies on the other hand should give us further understanding of the scenario. The paper further argues on the milieu of Nigerian political landscape as it grapples with socio-economic situations coupled with poor political culture, hence leading to poor democratisation. The findings demonstrate that democracy and democratization need to be further strengthened by all stakeholders for a gamine society.

Keywords: Nigeria, Gamine, Democracy, Democratization, Couple.

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