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Consumer Confidence and Exchange Rate Relationship in Turkey


This study investigates the relationship between consumer confidence index and exchange rate by employing cointegration method and causality analysis for the period 2012:01-2018:06 in Turkey. There is a consensus in the literature that consumer confidence plays an important role in predicting and understanding cyclical fluctuations. In small open economies, the exchange rate is both a portfolio preference and an economic policy variable. For this reason, it is an important variable that functions as a psychological barometer on the future decisions of economic agents beyond the changes in macroeonomic aggregates. Our emprical findings indicate that there is a unidirectional relationship running from the exchange rate to the consumer confidence index. Also, exchange rate shocks has statistically significant and persistent effect on the consumer confidence index.
Keywords: Consumer Confidence, Exchange Rate, Cointegration Method, Causality Analysis, Turkish Economy


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