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A Content Analysis for Doctoral Dissertations on Migration in Turkey


This research is carried out in order to reveal the content analysis of doctoral dissertations written in Turkey, in the field of migration between the years 1988-2018. The data obtained during the research process are based on 212 doctoral dissertations which is accessible at the National Thesis Center. Doctoral dissertations are examined by taking into consideration; year of publication, university, institute, department, topic range, type of migration. method, sampling, sample size, data collection techniques and tools, original language and gender characteristics of the researcher.
In the study, a content analysis was made, and the data were presented in percentage, frequency, tables and graphs. As a result of the analysis, it was found that the most doctoral thesis in the field of migration was written between 2008 and 2012. When the scientific branches of doctoral theses were examined, it was determined that most studies were done in the fields of sociology, history, International Relations, Political Sciences and economics. Furthermore, the findings of interviews and document analysis were found to be intensified within the scope of qualitative research patterns as data collection technique and analysis.
Key Words: Turkey, Migration, Immigration, Content analysis, Doctoral Theses


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