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On the Performance of Ottoman Imams in Neighborhoods

Mosques are the most important institutions of Islamic civilization and they are
used for various purposes besides praying in them. The first two mosques were
built by the Prophet Muhammad himself after the hijra in Kuba and Medina.
Initially these institutions were called as “Masjid”, in the course of time it turned to
Mosque to indicate the Friday prayer (Cuma). Imams do they best to fulfill this task
thinking that they are the heirs of the Prophet. In the period of Ottomans, Imams
assumed other responsibilities besides praying for they were most trusted men in
the society. For many centuries, they also fulfilled many services which are
expected to be fulfilled by current headmen of the neighborhood, such as
eliminating the need for the neighborhood and finding solutions to the problems.
Until the Tanzimat period, they were high in the performance, near to resident at
every stage from birth to death and regarded as one of the family.
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