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The Impact of the Bolshevik Discourses on the First World War


This article deals with three related dimensions. The nature of the discourse, which cannot be analyzed and solved alone, constitutes the first dimension of the study. The accordance with the stages of development of the Bolshevik Revolution, which is envisioned “functional chain” with concepts of ideology, language, discourse, propaganda, perception and meaning, is draw attention.
The relationship between ideological infrastructure and discourse in the historical process is the second dimension of the work. During the revolution, the Bolsheviks proclaimed their basic demand as “Peace, Bread, Earth!”. Such slogans have been presented to the masses of the people, chiefly soldiers, workers and peasants, by means of discourses enriched by religious and national motifs, symbolizing with red flag and sickle-hammer.
Reflections on the fronts of the Bolshevik rhetoric are studied in the third dimension of the research. The focus of this research is treat reluctantly of the Russian soldiers to fight in the face of debates about the war. The topic about the indiscipline and disobedience incidents in Russian soldiers is prepared based on the documents in Turkish Armed Forces Military Archive and in the General Directorate of State Archive of the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey and other works publication and memoirs.
Keywords: World War I, Bolshevik Revolution, Discourse

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