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2019 Sprecial Issue of Turkish Economy

The relationship between external trade and economic growth, from export to import: theoretical outline and Turkish case (2006Q1-2018Q3)

Abstract The relationship between foreign trade and economic growth has been a topic discussed by economists for many years. Especially in the 1950s, in international economic analysis, it became increasingly debatable whether exports would be the engine of economic growth. This discussion, which started especially in the advanced capitalist economies, …

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The Interaction between Monetary Policy and Macroprudential Policy in Turkey

Abstract The involvement of the macroprudential policies in financial stability frameworks in the post-crisis period led to coordination problems between monetary policy and macroprudential policy. The overlapping of the transmission mechanisms of the monetary policy and macroprudential policy where the financial system is at the centre of the pass-through effects …

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Sectoral System of Innovation, Industry 4.0 and the Situation of Turkish Machine Tool Industry

Abstract This study examines the machine tools industry from the sectoral innovation system perspective. The machine tools industry has a strategic importance because it determines the competitiveness and efficiency of the engineering industries as the primary sector producing investment goods. Today, the most important factor affecting the industry of machine …

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Examining the Twin Deficits Hypothesis for the Turkish Economy with a Special Emphasis on the Quantitative Easing Periods

Abstract The twin deficits hypothesis is an important topic for developing countries, like Turkey. The twin deficits hypothesis, which is defined as a co-movement of budget deficits and current account deficits, is examined for the Turkish economy, unlike the previous studies, with a special emphasis on an interaction of the …

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