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Competitive Advantage of Nations: Diamond Model Framework and Competitiveness of Turkish Tourism Industry

Adnan ÖZDEMİR Abstract With the developments in communication, transportation and information technologies, enterprises have limited the opportunity to remain independent of international competition. Countries apply different methods in order to gain competitive advantage in the international market. The importance of the tourism industry on national and international scale and the …

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Spiral of Silence 2.0: a Study of Facebook Use in Turkey

Abstract This study investigates behaviour and attitude of Facebook users when they feel their political views are in opposition to the majority within the framework of spiral of silence theory proposed by Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann. Data was obtained through questionnaires done by 404 Facebook users sampled by snowball technique. Frequency, Pearson …

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Tablighi Jamaat and Activities in Kyrgyzstan

Abstract Tablihghi Jamaat which occured in the second quarter of 20th century in Pakistan is one of the biggest and wide spread religious-cultural phenomenon in the World. Basic aims of Tablighi Jamaat are reviving the faith, inspiring tabligh, getting Islamic knowledge and enjoining good-forbidden evil. Their number ranges between 70 …

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